Lash Extension FAQs:


Q: Can I come to the appointment with eye make-up on?

A: We want your lashes to look amazing and to last as long as possible! That means removing all residue from your lashes (i.e. eye makeup and mascara), prior to your appointment, so our medical-grade adhesive works properly. Also, if you wear eye contacts, we recommend you not wear them during your appointment. This will help you avoid any potential eye irritation. After the appointment, it’s fine to wear contacts so you can see how lovely you look! 


Q: How are the eyelashes attached?

A: Your trained and certified eyelash extension artist will meticulously attach one single extension to each natural lash with a small amount of medical-grade adhesive. We’ll work with you to perfect your desired look so you will look as natural or as dramatic as you’d like!  


Q: Will the extensions damage my natural lashes?

A: No, the extensions will not damage your natural lashes. Your trained artist will customize and suggest the best type of extensions to be applied after your personalized consultation. Your own lashes will continue to stay healthy and unharmed.

Q: Is the adhesive safe?

A: Yes, the adhesive is a medical-grade adhesive produced in an FDA-certified facility. This adhesive is flexible, so lashes will move just as naturally as they always have. You won't even feel them!


Q: What are the extensions made of?

A: We use an amazing brand called The Lashe, the highest quality eyelash extensions made of the premium synthetic materials of nylon based with an organic silk core. We also use genuine mink lashes, which are hypoallergenic, cruelty free, and machine cut, so you can feel good about wearing them.


Q: Can I wear mascara and makeup?

A: The best part is, you won’t even want to wear mascara! We suggest you don’t apply mascara to the extensions, as you would need to clean the lashes in the evening. If needed, only apply a water based mascara to the ends of extensions. Other eye makeup is ok to continue applying, if you want to create a more dramatic look for a special occasion. Powder makeup is the best in order to keep your lashes looking beautiful.


Q: How do I remove makeup?

A: Always use an oil-free makeup remover and gently clean lashes from any oils and makeup. 


Q: How often do I have to get fills?

A: Eyelash extensions shed naturally with your natural lash cycle and depend on your aftercare, but most fills happen every 2-4 weeks. 


Q: Can I change the length of the extensions?

A: Yes, we can customize your extensions to create the look you want! Whether it’s a natural look for every day wear, or a more dramatic look for a special event, we’ll work with you to ensure you’re loving your lashes!


Q: How long does the process take?

A: Your initial full set appointment will take 2-3 hours. After that, your fill appointments will be 1-1.5 hours long. You’ll want to make sure you dedicate adequate time in your schedule, as we’d never want to rush your look or your experience!


Q: Can I take a nap during the appointment?

A: Absolutely! Lash naps are the best naps! We encourage this as our policy is “no talking” during lash application. You can simply relax and let us work our magic!


Spray Tan FAQs:

Q: What do I need to do before my session?

A: A spray tans longevity has a high correlation to the health of your skin!  So, ensure you’re properly hydrated, shaven and exfoliated beforehand. You’ll want to arrive without any make-up, moisturizer, topical treatments or deodorant on your skin. If there’s a barrier of any kind, then the tanner won’t cover that spot evenly.


Q: How long will my spray tan last?

A: This varies by person, and is dependent on how much moisture your skin can retain—the key to a lasting tan is to keep it hydrated! With that in mind, your glow should last you between 5 and 7 days.


Q: How long do I have to wait after the spray tan to shower?

A: The formula develops between 6-8 hours, so any time after that will be okay to shower.


Q: Should I do my mani/pedi/wax appointments before or after my spray tanning session?

A: You will want to do anything that deals with the skin, and potential exfoliating prior to your spray tan session. The spray tan is the final kiss on your look!


Q: What do I wear for my session?

A: Whatever you are most comfortable in, however we have a policy that bottoms must be worn. The most common articles worn are swimsuits and undergarments. Keep in mind, what you wear will be your “tan lines,” so think about what you’ll be wearing afterward. For example, wearing a strapless dress? Better not have straps while tanning!


Q: What should I wear after my session?

A: We recommend bringing separate clothing to change into after your session. Loose clothing is better, as we want to avoid any rubbing against the skin, so comfy sweatpants, scrubs, or pajamas work best.


Q: If I am highly sensitive, are patch tests allowed?

A: Absolutely, if you are concerned about your sensitive skin, email us and we will schedule a patch-test, free of charge.


Q: Will the spray tan stain my clothes?

A: No, however, some of the bronzing agents may rub-off prior to your shower. Most residue will come out in the wash.


Q: How far in advance should I get my spray tan prior to a special occasion?

A: Most commonly, we would recommend 1-2 days in advance; if you’re tanning before a major occasion, it’s recommended to do a trial session so you can see what succeeding day you like your tan the best.


Q: Am I going to smell like tanning solution?

A: No, there is only a very mild, pleasant scent associated with our solution.


Q: Can I spray tan if I am pregnant or expecting to become pregnant?

A: Always consult your doctor first. If approved, we can offer you a nose filter, and our rooms are properly ventilated to accommodate a safe and healthy environment.


Q: Will a spray tan cover my sun burn?

A: No, but it may help in lessening the visual of redness. 


Q: Do I need to wear sunscreen after I get a spray tan?

A: Yes, while your skin tone will be darker, the spray tan does not protect against UV rays, so wearing sun screen is very important.


Eyelash Extensions Aftercare:

  • For the first 24 hours avoid wetting your lashes, heat, facials, and tanning beds.

  • Cleanse your lashes daily and rinse with water. Only use oil free cleansers formulated for eyelash extensions. Cleansers must be oil free as oil degrades the adhesive bond.

  • Be cautious with facial cleansers, beauty products, and hair conditioner dripping onto your lashes, as they often have high oil content. Use a washcloth to wash and rinse face. Lean head back in shower to avoid product getting on lashes.

  • When receiving a facial, place cotton round on lashes.

  • Be gentle with your lashes. Excessive touching or rubbing of your eyes will cause premature shedding of your natural lashes and/or extensions as your fingertips contain oil.

  • Wipe your lids and lashes with water after working out or excessive sweating.

  • If you have oily skin, use blotting paper and wear powder, talc, or eye shadow on your lid to absorb oils.

  • Never use eye shadow base, gel, pencil, or liquid eyeliner. These will break down the bond. Use an angled head brush and powder shadows for eyeliner and moisten the brush with water for a more defined line.

  • Only use mascaras that have been specially formulated for extensions. Apply mascara to the tips of extensions.

  • Never use waterproof mascara.

  • Avoid excessive heat from ovens, grills, and fire pits. Open oven/grill doors and allow heat to dissipate first.


Spray Tan Aftercare:

  • Wait at least 8 hours after your sunless spray tan to shower. Then thoroughly rinse until the water runs clear, and all the is rinsed off.

  • Avoid abrasive products which will scrub your tan away unevenly, leaving a patchy appearance. Also, avoid products containing mineral oil, which is detrimental to a sunless spray tan.

  • Pat dry after shower, rather than “scrubbing” your skin dry.

  • A solid moisturizing routine will not only make your tan last, but will maintain the youth and health of your skin. Morning and evening is best.

  • It is also important for your skin to stay hydrated inside and out; drink plenty of water!

  • Avoid sweating up to 24 hours after your spray tan, but then have at it! A healthy body is a body that is regularly tested physically. However, it should be noted that the more you sweat, the shorter your spray tan will last.

  • Swimming is an awesome exercise. That said, chlorine will affect the wear and fade your spray tan. Hot tubs and salt water can cause your skin to exfoliate at a faster rate, which will also fade your spray tan. Avoid swimming up to 24 hours after your spray tan.